Friday, May 13, 2011

We just Went to the Movies

Mother-daughter bonding and it spawned this:

What'd They Say?

What’s twat mean?  Well, what’s the c-word?  Like runt?  What do you mean you can’t say it?  Why?  But what does it mean?  If it’s just girl parts why can’t you say it?  Is it like calling black people negroes?  Like the n-word?  That’s bad, isn’t it?  If twat is really that bad, why was it in a PG-13 movie?  So twat’s bad but on a different level than the c-word, is that it?  Why does my friend Maddy say twat all the time then?  That doesn’t seem fair that it only means idiot in England -- can we move to London?  But didn’t I hear Daddy say it? He did not say snot, you’re kidding right?  Why do you always do that, pretend he doesn’t say the stuff he does?   Is it worse when a man says it?    Well he’s your husband, and my father isn’t he?  What about skank?  Can I say skank? No?  But don’t you think that’s sad?  Because listen, “skank”, doesn’t it just roll right off the tongue?  Don’t you hate that all the best sounding words are the ones you’re not supposed to say?


  1. If you like it-feel free to share.....

  2. Thumbs up to the timeless beauty of Anglo-Saxon!

  3. My daughter is SO going to do this. I hope you'll keep this blog for another, um, six years or so.

    Did I ever tell you that, for the longest time, we did not teach our kids the English words for private parts or bathroom functions? We didn't want (the majority) of strangers to be able to understand our newly adopted kids when they were still mad & cussing us out.